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Good News for Small Business Requirements...


Mission Consulting Services is a fully-certified small business.


Woman-Owned Business (WBE)
MCS is a certified WBE firm through the California Public Utilities Commission.


Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE)
MCS is a certified SLBE firm with the City of San Diego,CA.

Small/Very Small/Micro Business (SBE/VSBE/MB)
MCS is a certified SBE/VSBE/MB firm through the California Department of General Services.

MCS is a certified small business with the Port of Long Beach, San Diego County Water Authority, and is a Bench List firm with SANDAG.

Disadvantaged/Underutilized Disadvantaged Business (DBE/UDBE)
MCS is a certified DBE/UDBE firm through the California Unified Certification Program.

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